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About Video Music Box

Video Music Box is an American music television program. The series is the first to feature hip hop videos primarily and was created in 1983 by Ralph McDaniels and Lionel C. Martin, who also serve as the series' hosts. It aired on the New York City-owned public television station WNYC-TV (now WPXN-TV) in from 1984 to 1996. In 1996, the program moved to WNYE-TV after WNYC-TV was sold by the city to a private company. New R&B music appeared alongside popular rap videos. The show appealed to teens and young adults.

Many artists from the Golden Age of Hip Hop made their debut on Video Music Box. Although it is ostensibly a local show, its influence has been very widespread and has been considered a major factor in the growth of hip hop music and culture. 

"Uncle" Ralph McDaniels

Ralph McDaniels is a music video director, DJ and VJ. He co-created and co-hosts the music video program Video Music Box. After WNYC, and subsequently becoming a radio engineer, he created Studio 31 Dance Party, a television show revolving around recordings of music performances. This show would transform into Video Music Box and usher a Golden Age of Hip Hop where many of today's Hip Hop legends made their debuts.  The video below acknowledges both Mr. Ralph McDaniels and Video Music Box's contribution to the story of Hip Hop.


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